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Decades of experience means efficient, accurate, precise and reliable expertise.  Chances are overwhelming we know have seen your situation not just recently but many times for many years.


Enjoy fancy websites?  Be sure to also look at the hard credentials of whose actually providing the service.  It can be hard to know what different credentials mean.  Thankfully, hard credentials can’t be faked since certifying boards post their members’ credentials – see below.   We are board certified in safety AND in health AND in risk management with dozens of specialty credentials as well.   And at no extra cost! This translates into better, more qualified, more accountable, more “skin-in-the-game” service to you.

Personal Staff

Voted to various boards both professional and social, Mr. Kenneth Librizzi principal consultant has a strong reputation as personable and works smoothly with all levels of management and staff.   Ken loves what he does and enjoys solving problems and is great with follow-up even when the job is over.  .


QC begins with experience, standards, training and accountability.  Mr. Librizzi is accountable to many EHS boards, has the highest pedigree of education and has the breadth and depth of experience that you can count on no matter what industry, violation, regulation or company problem.


Besides over 25 years experience, our serious approach to your environmental health and safety includes professional designations and the accountability that goes with it to include but not limited to:
Florida State License (MRSA2531)
New York State DOL License (WS692)
Board Certified by ABIH (9955)
Board Certified by BCSP (19375)
Board Certified by IIA (011808)
Board Certified by IAQA (1702015)
Board Certified by ACA (5504514))
Over a dozen other professional certifications, professional associations of which he has been the present and other office holder, and many other affiliations.
But don’t take our word for it.  Check here to see if somebody is board certified in safety: https://directory.bcsp.org/   Check here to see if they are board certified in industrial hygiene (environmental health): https://gobgc.org/verify/   Not only does board certification confirm education, experience and rigorous examination, but the professional has to recertify every 5 years with annual continuing education proving they are keeping abreast in their industry.

Fair Prices

While you never want the cheapest service since you get what you pay for, we do guarantee the best price for the level of quality and service provided. It is our pledge to be competitive, fair and honest with all of our client’s.  We customize to meet your budget with choices that make sense.  We have never lost a bid to price. As I glance over the credentials offered around South Florida I see nobody offering as many credentials.  Considering this is at no extra-cost, the choice is easy.

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Free Estimates

Estimates and quotes over the phone are always hassle free and require no commitment. We welcome your call, your questions, your concerns and your budget and we will do our best to work within those parameters.  Call 954-782-0472